About Mark, The Artist


The Mossy Rock Studio came about by chance. I am a wounded warrior veteran and struggle with PTSD on a daily basis. One day while out on a day trip with my beautiful wife, we visited a Gem and Healing shop. Inside, I was overwhelmed with the positive and embracing energy I felt. I walked around and selected gems that were calling out and drawing me to them to feel the energy they were sharing. Until this time I was a non-believer in the metaphysical aspects of our Mother Earth.  Even though I had never worked with wire, I felt compelled to begin creating wearable works of art to enhance, embrace and accentuate what the gems are sharing-while at the same time keeping my mind occupied with positive thoughts.  This journey provides me with so many benefits and amazing experiences. 

I craft all works of art with positive intention to share in the benefits of gemstones I use.  A portion of proceeds go to support the Wounded Warriors Canada Foundation .